In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Alphabet Soup.”

This poem is  for my grand daughter Kate .



A is for the always in  my home for you my child.

B is for the breakfast we will share in morning’s early rise.

C is for the  child in me you uncover with your smile.

D is for the  design  God chose when  making you  so kind.

E is for the evening of my lif,e you light up every day.

F is for the friend  I have in you ,  the best I have to say

G is for the God that guides you in your life.

H is for the honour  it is to know  your gentleness.

I is for the  Irish in your twinkling Irish eyes.

J is for the justice that your tiny heart does hold.

K is for the knowledge that you gain as day unfolds.

L is for the love  we share since the day that you were born.

M is for your mother , my daughter in all storms.

N is for the  nice things we share  and like to do .

O is for your open heart  no matter what  I do .

P is for the peace you bring to  all who  see you smile.

Q is for the  quiet times we sit and drink awhile.

R is for the  rest of time  we walk and chat and laugh.

S is for the  smile you  own   ,I know it will always last.

T is for the tunes you play in practice every day

U is for the  understanding  way you have  with  animals and man

V is for your vision far far away it roams

W is for the wonder you possess for life and stories that are untold.

X is fo r  the crosses that you sign  all of  your notes  to me.

Y is for the years we spend  exploring every little tree.

And  Zzz is for the sound you make when your asleep in bed.



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