The day we had been waiting for eagerly arrived , the sun was shining , the traffic was  busy; there were cars everywhere, white, red, blue , navy blue, shiny ones , dull ones  , pick ups , lorries, posh cars , city cars and the odd old jalopy ,all the drivers were smiling , my driver was sweating; he was a  little anxious to get to our destination and careful also.  We just had to get there safe and sound; to this final top step of the ladder we had been laboriously climbing over the last few months.

The room is now just a room for me empty and white with a large enormous shiny key , I know there was shaking of hands smiles between us and the solicitor and lots of good feeling in that room  that day, but now it is the  largest shiniest Key  that fills  my memory and oh what a memory of joy and pure happiness.

That day was the day we received the key to our first home in Ireland  in a little village called Kilcoole in the county of Wicklow. I loved every inch of that house,  neighbourhood, the people  , the sea, the woods, the shops , the winters and the summers.

Today I am so grateful that  I have this wonderful memory sparked  off  this morning by news from one of my daughters that she is  nearly at the top step of her similar ladder and my heart  is filled with joy for her.


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