In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Feeling Fancy.”

I would spend the day on the internet  booking flights and hotels to  lots and lots of places. Selfish never I would donate to many many charities. I would enrol in  University to do my degree again as I loved it so much. If the unlimited funds meant I could  give money away of course I would  make sure all my friends and  as many poor people as possible had a million pounds each and I would  makes sure someone was   responsible to help them best use it . For my family I would just give them a million pounds each as this should be enough for them  to get excited very excited ha ha . I would do lots of shopping on the net , as this would be the quickest way to spend as much as possible ha ha. I am selfish a little sometimes ha ha. My husband’s bank account would suddenly grow very large in order to shop online .

a cup of tea mum xxxx

Now I really must go as I realise that this unlimited  amount of funds will not allow me one more moment  in this life to share a  of cup of tea with the most wonderful, kindest people I have ever known; my Mom, God Bless her and a blog that started off so light heartedly  now is  causing hot wet tears to stream down my face .


5 thoughts on “Unlimited Funds. and Tears.

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