Which road to go I do not know lets take the one  I never go  and  see if it leads to my friends house where I long to go.

Which road to go I do not know

Do we really have choices? I am not sure we do. Duty often comes in the way of choice  would you agree? Common sense will also rear its head in the matter of choices. Does doing the right thing  only happen because to do the wrong thing  may bring a reward we would not wish for. It is a mystery, would you agree? The real identity of the word choice ; what could it be?

Duty and choice are closely linked I think;  duty  we each possess in different  forms,  one person will research the  results of their choices beforehand another will have  the outcome of certain choices ingrained on their mind thus taking the choice away from them really and into the hands of either the research done or the  brainwashing already accomplished by society family government, religion etc.


Now where is all this rambling going , well it’s this  way; sometimes there are  days  in our lives that  all the  norms society has  instilled in our minds has no authority over us and no matter how duty orientated we are  something will  happen to which we have to respond to  with a  choice. This to me is where we make real authentic choices and for me these are the times that I am grateful to live in a democratic society really; although some will not agree wholeheartedly  as often it may look as if democracy is only for the elite of society to enjoy  , but I do feel that  as far as democracy can go  we here in Ireland are fairly  lucky that  at times we can make choices that  many  people would not be permitted to make if they were not living in a democracy. I feel my next post will be based around ethics.


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