I blog because I want to receive feed back on my writing and my ideas. The value I get from blogging publicly rathar than keeping a personal journal comes from interaction with other bloggers and finding interesting posts that broaden my view of the world.


Another value is the challenge to write that one article , that one book, that one short story, that something that will  give my writing credibility.
I like writing about almost everything however another reason for becoming a blogger in the first instance was for me to find out what most appeals to me to write about and maybe specialise more in that area in another blog; as this blog here has indeed made my days happy ones in that I look forward to  logging into  word press and  checking out  new blogs,  reading blogs that I follow and of course my heart  takes nice little leaps when that star on the right is glowing;  telling me someone has read or commented or liked something I have  wrote.
I would like to connect to people who would offer honest criticism of my writing thus helping me to improve in this art. I would really love to have an agent that would assign me topics to write about or essays and articles to write.

I suppose I would love the challenge of writing an article that had been requested as this would prove to me that my writing was worthwhile. Remembering here that old saying be careful for what you wish for as it may become reality. So dear readers on that note I would like to remind you that this post is not set  in concrete and I give myself permission to change my mind as  new and better ideas  come  to mind.
To  improve my photography and explore this as a companion to my writing is something else that sits in the recesses of this mind .

If I blog successfully for a year I would hope to have regular followers for at least one post a week and I would also like to be discovered by a magazine perhaps to write a weekly column.

Will I wont I publish this? of course I will , what  is my worst fear after I publish this ? the whole world would mock me. Ha ha Kathy at least then you would know that  your blog was indeed worth while  as  the whole world would have read it  and that would be some achievement .Think I have just discovered another lovely  way to  write a post , what is it ?an interview with myself in order to gain some perspective on what goals and ideas are hiding in the corners  of this mind that  is centre stage here in this post.


3 thoughts on “Why am I blogging?

  1. One never knows who is reading our posts Kathy, unless that is they make themselves known to us, it is then we can trade thought and ideas?

    As you have mentioned on occasion you would like feedback on your posts, this is an observation and not a criticism, so I hope you will not be offended when I talk about punctuation, proofreading and or creating paragraphs.

    Always remembering that spell check can not distinguish for instance, between write and right, wrote or written, in what we have constructed.

    Kind regards,


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  2. People look and like but I try to comment occasionally, mostly because you know how they feel with words. A like doesn’t mean they read it or considered it. So if you pass my way whoever you may be. Leave a word or two. Your post is interesting, and I wouldn’t have stopped if it wasn’t. The more you write and read the better your work will be. Good writing Kathy

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