Real camera

So happy to meet you

Love everything about you

Your shiny newness

A  promise of colour

Your ability to share the magic we will capture together

Three whole days you sit in a drawer denied the potential

I  can allow you to reach

Why ?

The answer is simple , I am afraid of you.


Your new to me , I don’t know which buttons to press.

You are so beautiful I fear I may break you

I cannot leave you any longer

I will study you immediately and make a date with you  tomorrow

I will introduce you  to the family first

OK maybe that is not such a good idea at first

I will show you off amongst that which cannot rush you

To the garden , where no one is looking will be our first date

And in the house when I am home alone

It may take hours or days to get to know you properly

Before I introduce you  to the family

I will have to master you and all your  dials

I cannot show you until I know you

To do that would  hamper  your place on  my ladder

Where you sit on that top  step since I brought you home

I love you so much dear camera   and want all  that I  Introduce you to; to love you also.

I cannot remember any other gift I have given myself  that brought so much joy to my heart  by  just admiring  it .

So grateful today for this gift I gave myself  , Thanking myself for knowing exactly what   would bring me so much joy.

Happy Days and Kind regards from Kathy and her camera .


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