There is joy running through my veins and I am grateful . I want everyone to feel the joy but I have to rein it in and work it all out because I know there are millions of people in our world that are not experiencing this same joy and I am so sorry that this is indeed a fact.


The homeless, the sad, people in prison, sick people , grieving people , the list is infinitive  and I cannot dwell on this fact , for to do so would add to the cup of misery that is  evident in our world. I can however feel their pain  and acknowledge that  it is there.

I know this is not enough  and this knowing is creeping in to my veins  alongside the joy; challenging that joy to  take some action . So tomorrow  alongside  my preparations of making my home a welcome  place for Christmas visitors I shall try to find some way to make  a difference in the lives of those that do not have the same joy running through their veins as  I find I have at this time of year.


I do not have to travel far in order to bring joy to  others that are not experiencing it; neither do I have to  visit prisons  or hospitals; there are   many around me that  are sad , grieving,  in the prison of loneliness or depression .

 on the 28th nov 2014

There are many that  a   little time  spent  with;   may ,for  a little while;  feel a little joy seeping through their veins and  this is all that many of us can hope to achieve   as  we go about our daily  lives.

Sometimes  when I was younger I would spend time as a volunteer in  different areas , this work was always so rewarding but I must admit for me it was easier to do sometimes than to be that same volunteer  in my own community , indeed in my own family .

As I have aged I am aware that it is the little things  that we do in our own families and communities to  help each other that are often the hardest things to do  , they are not glamorised neither do they make headlines but they do not go   without  notice to those to whom we reach out to or maybe sometimes they do .

Does it matter? I don’t think so;    because in reaching out; we are  balancing those two cups  a little;  the cup of misery and injustice  must be balanced with the cup of joy and dignity and justice or else their will be winners and losers and  at this time of year  or indeed at any time of year I don’t want to be a winner at the expense of someone’s  misery.

Don’t get me wrong I want joy but I do feel that  joy brings with it a duty to try and  bring the gift to others. This gifting of joy  can often  be a hard tool to master and I know that often    the gift may be  thrown back at us but it is surely at these times  that our gifting  is truly authentic   and  full of meaning   and it is perhaps when this happens that the scales are balanced .


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