Today was okay , now if I am honest okay is never really okay. Okay for me  usually  means  I underachieved , the goals were put aside and  I managed to exist  just about , I was kind to anyone who appeared in my space ; the space was only tiny though , so often it does become possible to  enter into a tiny space and just exist  and that is my okay.


What is your okay? I  don’t like okays; do you? for me  they lack vibrancy, they lack interaction  not only with others but with myself also. I love my own company and have often spent brilliant , vibrant days alone with myself  so the okay day today  had nothing to do with lack of company it had to do with discipline and allowing myself to  be undisciplined and lazy. Now it did not help that sleep had eluded me the night before so perhaps a lesson here could be get adequate sleep  each night if possible.

The word okay should have sirens  attached,  for me at least ;because  okay for me translates to ;   get out , get walking, get running,  just get out  and move. The word I think has different meanings for us all.

Now I do know someone very special that has a  constant skin complaint that is at times painful, when asked  at times how are the wounds her answer is usually; they’re okay ,or not too bad. I cannot fix this but the words she uses to describe how she is  alert me to the fact that  she needs lots of  kindness  and encouragement  also practical help at times  like making sure everything that is needed for wound care and sometimes pain relief  is available   to help her forget her moments of okay and not too bad.  I remind her that  her okays will pass; she always seemed to acknowledge this  fact since she was toddler bless her , I have never known anyone with so much joy etched on their face .

I am very grateful for this   person of whom I am talking, I am grateful that she  has become a wonderful vibrant  amazing person who has never  for one moment allowed her genetic skin disorder  rule her life   , I am grateful for her family  that has never  allowed it to rule their lives. The way in which they have dealt with the word okay is to rise above it  ,  feel it then do something positive about it.  I don’t know where they  all got such gifts but I am so very grateful that these gifts have been bestowed and the okay word does not linger.

amazing kate

Happy Days Kathy.


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