On my rambles today; stopped a minute to hear this .http://youtu.be/F87FTPzujXA

Love the sound of the river something cleansing ,renewing and magical about the sound of the river.

Kate my grand daughter chose today’s heading , she is the adventurer in the family; her eyes light up when I suggested a walk to the Castle she did however insist on calling it the Caiseal; said with her lovely brogue west of Ireland accent it was indeed a gem  to hear.

She ran to fetch Bobby’s lead and together we set out on our walk, when we reached the Caiseal Kate the explorer was not ssatisfied with a picture from the gate; oh no, over the gate we go and climbed the hill to enter the Caiseal , inside was muddy and eerie as we tried to imagine what had gone on there many years ago ; Kate informed me that the castle was used to protect the people from their enemies. ” Why else nanny do you think they built secret tunnels into it and made it this round shape”; it was to make it easier to see all around of course”, she informed me.

The inside of the castle or  ring fort.

The inside of the castle or ring fort.

After playing around for awhile our feet were becoming cold and the thoughts of a roaring fire at home ended our visit to the castle  for today.

Bobby having  a look at one of the tunnels inside the castle .

Bobby having a look at one of the tunnels inside the castle .

On our way home we collected some wood along the way to keep the fire burning brightly , Kate informed me that if we did this every day we would have no need to buy fuel , her happiness was infectious and my day was filled with joy bless her ,Bobby’s too as there is nothing he likes more than the sound of children around him.


Kate  insisted on making Bobby comfortable before we went indoors, so we made sure his kennel was warm for the night ;changing the bedding and making the shed tidy, then she got him some food and came inside.

;Bobby (2)

The dinner was going to be ready in an hour or so and even though we probably should have waited; hot chocolate was sipped beside the fire and the glue, paper and magazines came out as she busied herself making a collage to brighten up my  kitchen walls. I am so grateful for these times they are indeed magic and wonder filled.


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