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In concert with Dorne, and her blog, Write Dorne, Putting Life Into Words, we have decided that we are going to define our writing goals and ambitions in a weekly blog post.  Both of us are interested in getting some of our work published.  Between us, we thought  that if we make our desires public, we would better support each other in achieving our goals.  If you are inclined to join us feel free and ping back to our posts for additional support.

Here were my goals for last week:

111714 Goals

1.  I did organize some of my recipe posts into my menu.  I need to reassess the need for this.  Done and  UNCOMPLETED.

2.  Submit a poem to a literary journal this week.  Done.  I actually submitted my short story called, “The Spider’s Lair,” to Bodega Magazine.  I also had a poem called, “Suspicion,”  featured on PoetrySoup.com’s home…

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