These last few days there’s a kind of birth waiting to happen; thoughts  buzzing around in my head.  I  really do want a purpose , a passion , a reason to get up in the morning, something that makes me forget to eat and go to bed exhausted. I remember times like this in my life but that’s no good I want to live these emotions again and again.

Well I had to leave this post for an hour or so and my mind again is altered a little; after hearing some new thoughts on life and indeed death from another my purpose becomes a little clearer. Lets just say that when my moment of reckoning is upon me  I want to have healed any hurts I may have been the cause of’.  Now this is uppermost in my mind and for those hurts that are beyond  a quick healing  remedy what do I do?

All I can do is add some more worthy actions  to  my store in order not to have gaps in my portfolio. A balancing must ensue that  will at the very least provide me with some jewels to gaze upon when my hour is  up .

So now I am returning to my purpose and my remedy is to get out , and by out ; I mean really OUT; for one week I have set myself a challenge. The challenge is to  leave the house every day for one week at 9am. until dark;  that should be around 5 here in Ireland.I have no idea what or where I will go  and so therefore this is going to be one almighty adventure for me here on my own doorstep.

I shall wear appropriate clothing  and  my walking shoes , no mobile phone , no car  , my camera, food, flask, music , headphones and the lord knows what else. I most likely will do some visiting and maybe take some public transport to destinations   in the area. I shall share my adventure on here each evening  , the only rule that my adventure  stipulates is that I do not enter my house before 5 each evening.

I envisage a lot of gardening and trips to my neighbours for  toilet breaks but this I hope will only be part of the adventure that starts on Monday the 24th of  November.

Am I excited? mmmmm not sure  , I am grateful to have this opportunity though and also grateful that maybe someone will read my post and perhaps follow my adventure.

Kind thoughts to you my readers and may your days be Happy ones.


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