There are wars going on everywhere ,  innocent people get hurt through no fault of their own , in the wrong place they wander and wonder  how come they  suffer , why are they suddenly dodging bullets when yesterday they played  football with their children and watched  them roam free amongst the trees. Today  they dig their children’s graves with empty hearts void of emotion. All they know is they have to keep moving  , the animal instinct for survival  keeps them busy  , they  do their best for their loved one’s  hurriedly burying them lest the enemy returns;  when all the signs of their loved one’s existence are gone , they    flee  to mountains and hidden places to  take their revenge , revenge is all they have  left to feel. They dare not  sit alone and think;  to do this would  bring their loved ones  back to memory and memory they knew would  kill them    and the enemy would have won. They are now  driven by an alien power  and this is what  keeps the blood flowing through their veins; they must not weaken,survival is  all they can allow into their mind.

What do we say to these people , how can we ever understand  ? All we can do is offer them love and maybe in time they will allow the memories to arise of  the days they played football and did all the things we all do every day because we are free and  not at war.Much love is needed  , much care and understanding will  we hope help a little healing.


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