I wrote this in December 2005 . My parents had been visiting and my Dad put a plaster on  a small cut on my hand that  I had managed to hurt when moving some furniture.

Inner Healing.

The highest mountain claimed her,

At once she felt the fluffy white snow-white clouds comfortable


Bright yellow hues of sun warmed a sated heart now.

Quiet  rippling , glistening, Blue Ocean danced with joy and glee.

A little, lost girl, found a safe place to be.

Transformed moment in time unleashed deepest longing for a dream

Left behind a long time ago.

A dream complex to her childish mind.

Tormented searching crucified illusion.

Patient woman now realized the silent moment.

Gleefully found the plaster to mend her womanly hand.

A healing for a heart forgotten, kindness felt .

Her heart filled up with ecstatic joy.

Higher mountains claimed her rightly now as it was meant to be.


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