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W. B .Yeats  we would talk about Ireland and our love for it’s deep wild beauty.

Roderick O’Conor would teach me how to paint in Cassis.

Brendan Beehan would drink fine brandy with me and I would scold him for drinking and beg him to look after his health.

Mary my wonderful teacher that enlightened me and loved to chat with me I would thank for being so wonderful and praise her for her courage in dealing with M.S.

Heathcliff would feed me  wild  berries and I would stare at him in awe never wanting to be apart.

James Joyce would try and entice me to go live in Paris with him and help him write.

Raskolnikov would  not have committed murder after I had enlightened him and we would discuss the problems of class distinction and the birth of  social mobility  , this dinner would take place in St Petersburg.

Mother Teresa and I would dine on very little I think and I would probably just sit in her presence and absorb her light  afraid she would ask me to do too much and hinder my delightful future dining experiences.

Aristotle I would question as to why I was steering towards hedonism at the latter end of my life instead of joining forces with Mother Teresa and being a selfless person. I would also remind him I was not too impressed of how  women fared in his time. I would also question him as to how in  thousands of years  to come  his work was the basis of all this self help literature that is invading our book shops. …………………………………..

Socrates I would ask one question did you go on to further dialogue or did it end with the hemlock …….


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