True kindness  I think is doing the good and keeping it to ourselves,  how do we achieve this , are we not usually bursting with joy when our kind smile reciprocates with a smile back and when we sit at home that same evening our family may remark;  you look so happy today. Are we tempted to tell them the reason for our new found joy was the smile we gave the lady who looked so sad on the train this morning and how when she smiled back our hearts opened   and danced because of the magic we had just administered .

We tell ourselves we want to share our knowledge of the good  deed and how it can change so much around us in order for others to follow suit. So what do we gain from keeping it to ourselves this  knowledge of magic we have uncovered , nothing absolutely nothing only our own private knowledge of the power within us to change  ourselves. There are no guarantees that a smile will reciprocate  a smile , there are no guarantees that the alms one gives will reach the mouths of the hungry , we take that chance we trust in the universe to acknowledge our offering and add to the pot of goodness  , we even up the scales a bit with each act of kindness.

This realisation I argue is the foundation of my theory because if we   believe  that the scales are indeed moveable and changeable we develop in us an urgent need to keep adding to the pot of goodness. Because we  believe in change we realise that our  faith in that belief is strengthened when we act out of the faith in faith perhaps.

 Have I got a point ? I am not sure. Let me know your ideas on Kindness. Kindest Regards Kathy. I wish you all happiness,  joy, peace and smiles.


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