Can you remember a pat on the back?

Can you remember being happy and someone bursting the happiness bubble with discouraging words

Which of the two above light up your heart and helped you find your happiness?

This blog hopes to encourage the reader and light up paths in many different directions.


2 thoughts on “Be the light

  1. I am not.

    I am not a writer
    Neither am I a poet
    A scribbler of words
    Is what I am
    Jotting down thoughts
    Mostly insignificant
    Which must be allowed
    Freedom to float
    Out into the mists of time
    Never knowing what fate awaits
    They have no feelings
    The scribbler feels their pain
    Rejection hurts
    That pain lingers
    Until the next thought is released
    Waiting with baited breath
    Wondering silently
    Will the seed flourish?
    Or fall on stony ground
    Be trampled underfoot
    Or in a hundred years hence
    Will someone say?
    Who was that scribbler?
    Don’t we all
    Feel its need
    The human being
    Will surely flourish
    By a simple act
    A clap on the back
    A simple act
    Which in turn makes you feel good
    That is all that is required
    I am not a writer
    Neither am I a poet
    A scribbler of words
    Is what I am.
    C. J. Black©β

    Your reference to ‘pat on the back’ Kathy reminded me of this poem I posted some time back, thought I’d share it with you as a comment to your post.

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