I am Kathy . I love to write , I find the word press community a perfect place to exercise my writing hobby for many reasons , help with layout of blog , help with using the tools provided in order to make one’s blog more user friendly and a place that encourages the writer to take up that pen and write .My blog is a work in progress and at the moment has not taken on any particular shape or design ; My one aim if I was to narrow it down I suppose would be to bring some sunshine into my reader’s life , my blogs tend to be of something I have experienced in my life , my love for the French language, beautiful places where I have been touched by nature ,things or writers that have inspired me , through the veins of my writing hope and gratitude are the ingredients I like to see flowing and if at times they are not visible those are usually the attributes that stir my heart to pick up the pen. I am a philosopher and have to be careful not to write posts that are too long winded as sometimes I can get carried away with some theory or other . I hope to include some interesting facts to my blogs in future if only the odd quote from someone that helps to illustrate some point or other . All my work is my own and if I use any quotes etc. they are always referenced. Sometimes I will add a word or phrase in French to a poem or a story because I like the sound of it. In the future I hope to also add some Gaelic phrases that I like to my posts. I love the outdoors , winter fires and sunny days. I live in Ireland my blog is called ‘Growing Happiness’ as the name suggests it needs care in order to thrive , I love to spend time in France and practice my French on any kind soul who will listen, my smile beams from ear to ear when they understand me . https://kathymburke.wordpress.com is my address and the Irish love visitors . One of my favourite quotes is ‘In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.‘ Albert Camus. Happy Days to all .

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