Time so precious and so fast , now how to face the day, read a few blogs and these are the thoughts they have left me with. One lovely blogger brought to my attention that today is better than yesterday nice thought so far.  Twitter told me there are millions and millions of people out there and what is magical to me may not appeal to some but another lovely blogger told me my smiley faces cheered her.

Another blogger provoked in me the idea to stop smoking and another reminded me that we all need hugs. One of my favourite bloggers reminded me how lovely it is to read something written with grace and art in every word a small miracle in my world.

Then I read a blog of how uplifting it is when we receive acknowledgement of our merits from a parent .I read about simple things giving so much pleasure ; a drawing of a puppy; being grateful for little endearments from our nearest and dearest . I read about a lovely lady going to back to college in order to make a better life for her family. All these wonderful stories and more have picked me up to start my day with enthusiasm today so to all the blogs I have visited this morning a big hug to you all from a house on top of a hill in the wild west of Ireland.

Happy Days and Have a great Day.


2 thoughts on “7 am In Ireland.

  1. 10:50 in Ireland, pouring with rain, just sitting down after a few early morning chores – and a walk with the dog – yes you are on the button the growing population in Blogsville give the spirits a real lift each morning – great to get feedback and to be able to give back – enjoy the rest of the day.

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