The young girl arrived home to an empty house  ,  she opened the kitchen cupboards looking for comfort in food , the cupboards were bare ;she opened the fridge door and her nostrils filled with the odour of spilt milk. Quickly she tidied up the kitchen  shoving dishes barely clean away into dusty cupboards and swept the floor  not bothering too much if she missed something here and there. Her heart  closed and showed no light in her eyes as she walked out the door and ran to her grand mothers house a few blocks away.

Her grandmother met her at the door with such a wonderful smile and a welcome so prominent it opened up the child’s heart and her eyes once again light up as she entered her granny’s kitchen and her nostrils filled with the smell of blackberry pie cooking in the oven. Nearly ready now her grandmother said as she helped the child out of her coat  and beckoned to her to sit on an armchair close to the fire.

real blackberry piemy fire

Tell me all about your day  and why you looked so sad when you arrived granny said to her . There was nobody home the little girl said and it was all untidy and there was nothing to eat . Dear oh dear granny replied lets do something really nice after we have some pie and see if we can change all of this . The little girl looked bewildered and  excited all at once , she had no idea how granny was going to change the fact that her mom had to work so hard leaving her  no time to cook or clean and they lived on take away.

Granny busied herself filling two large carrier bags one with food items and the other with cleaning items as the little girl ate  her pie and drank hot chocolate from  a mug with her name on it.

I love this mug granny said the little girl , Why? asked the granny , because it makes me feel warm and loved the girl replied . Granny’s eyes lit up at this reply  it reminded her that her daughter’s mug was still in the press  and she began to search for the mug  with her daughters name on it when she found it she added it to the items in the bag alongside her grand daughters mug that was now washed and ready for its new home.

They both left the house holding hands each carrying a bag and hurried towards the little girls house.

Granny quickly dusted down the cupboards and asked the little girl to pass her the items in the food bag as the cupboards filled up  and granny started on preparing a stew for dinner  the house  became more and more friendly then granny set the table leaving the two  mugs out alongside a wonderful blackberry pie . She also made a quick call to her daughter to tell her not to bother with any take away that night  as she had left some dinner in to her grand daughter earlier for both of them.

The key turned in the door shortly after the call and there was a lot of;  oh mum the place is so nice ,oh my cup where did u get that? and a cup for you too she said as she looked over at her beautiful daughters happy face , what did I do to deserve this ?she said to her mother suddenly. The granny replied you work hard and  we both just wanted to let you know how much  we loved you so we thought a surprise might let you know just how much we both appreciate you. I am so grateful you have given me such a wonderful grand daughter that loves to come visit me and she is so grateful to have such a wonderful mum that works so hard to give her a good education .

The daughter then sat down to the wonderful meal and asked her mother how she managed to make such a meal on her small budget, well, the granny replied; it cost very little really the vegetables are surplus from my garden and the fruit pie is homemade and far too much for me on my own and I would really love to do this  every evening if you would be agreeable .

The daughter thought about this and looked from the child to the grandmother and felt the warmth of years in her mug as she sipped her hot tea and relished the happiness in both her loved one’s faces and replied of course mom I  would be so happy to see you here each evening and  all that money I spend on take- aways could go to  a nice holiday for us all .


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