Found this photo on the net

Found this photo on the net

Uhh uhh ugg……. what the hell time is it anyway? only 2am , She  grabs the phone lying within arms reach on the bed, press to read message and there it is a photo of that wonderful place; where once she sat in the arms of an angel as the sea stretched out to the horizon in front of her eyes. She was alone , in a place so wonderful, so peaceful and so happy that all the world did not exist nothing existed except this moment in time that if she  lived for a thousand years she did not want to leave.

The world was there though and it invaded the moment and the world won as it took her captive once again, screaming , struggling like someone who had one of their limbs severed from their body without anaesthetic .
The pain , the tears , the despair took so so long to heal but they did heal and now looking at the photo she smiled and felt again the draw to that horizon and it warmed her to know that she was there as she went back to sleep contented happy and free.


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