Found this pic here  —–         media.photobucket.com  great visual  of how you may at times find me, its just a pic I found on web not me but really depicts me ha ha .

Tonight I made a very feeble effort to continue my story that I started last Wed.

You  know the one called ‘Wednesdays post Delivered Thursday’; the one with that beautiful pic of Cassis by Roderick OConor . However instead of a nice tidy link to the continuation of this story all I managed was to edit the original post and add some more. It looks ridiculous! so my task this weekend is, to perfect this situation and have this story properly edited with a link  to each chapter or chapters I hope to add each Wednesday .

Not alone I am trying to be a good writer I must also become a good  software technician oh happy happy days.

I am enjoying all of this so sure isn’t that grand, what a lovely hobby I have.

To add to my week end hobby building I must also tend to my amazing event looking so forward to  a lot of tree planting here happy days everyone.

Kind Regards Kathy

May I add that  my answer to all my to does over the week end is Pas de probleme ; there should be an accent on the e, sorry folks need to find it, another to do for me mais Pas de probleme. Happy happy  days a tout le monde .


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