I would love to stay here in the moment but sadly I must think of tomorrow.  I am working tomorrow; not at the job of my dreams but a job none the less. To make it a dream I am going to prepare and visualize all sorts of wonderful things happening.

Before I begin my visualization I must do a quick tidy around the house in order to  have everything ready for a quick exit in the morning as I have a long drive; well  not so long I suppose an hour to be exact.

Now I am so looking forward to my work tomorrow or is it the visualization? not sure; both really because if the visualization works my work tomorrow is going to be amazing .

In order to make it happen I need to begin  asap on that visualization exercise in order to get some rest before my acting career begins tomorrow. I have the lead role tomorrow in my very own play.

So tonight my post is short  and my computer is going to rest, face book will  be logged out of and  a milky drink will replace the  usual coffee.

I going to dream dream dream looking forward to the dream may even share tomorrow the outcome of this little visualization  exercise that just popped into my mind.

Another little gem I read somewhere has just floated in and that is  ‘Act as If’  now I better let it stop there for now or my exercise will be in vain. So until tomorrow lots and lots of wonderful wishes to all.


2 thoughts on “TOMORROW

  1. Loving your use of replacement thoughts and wishes but I must direct you to perhaps actually enjoying the reality of it all. Sometimes we look at the better options and we miss out on the real joy of the real happening. Just a thought!

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    • Great day today , learnt a lot and my driving improved also , ha ha; unfortunately the guy never arrived with the film script that was going have me playing the part of Audrey Hepburn however still hope tomorrow. The black dress and pearl earrings are on standby; also going to look for a cigarette holder tomorrow; found some nice little trinkets in my lunch hour and met some lovely people.
      Kind Regards Kathy


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