Happy Sunday to anyone reading this post which I also  put on blogging 201 today  in order to reach as many as possible to ask for help with the layout of my blog.

Abundant  good wishes to you all from a cold and stormy place here in the west of Ireland ,where the fire is roaring up the chimney and the dinner is slowly cooking in the oven creating a lovely roast dinner aroma around the kitchen.

my fire

In contrast to the stormy weather outside; the kitchen is warm and cosy. All these wonderful things fill me with gratitude and just thought I would share that with you all.
I would also like to ask you all, if you have time, please take a look at my blog and maybe offer some advise on it’s layout. I would really appreciate suggestions on how I could improve the layout in any way, all this is new to me; so this kind of feedback would be really wonderful; as my tech skills are not amazing, I would like to know if I have missed something vital in the layout. Thank you all for reading my post .

Kind Regards Kathy . https://kathymburke.wordpress.com.


2 thoughts on “What I am up to Today.

  1. Excellent little piece! Have to say that a simple piece like this on a sunday is such a wonderful scoop out of your pan of a fab day. It almost mirrors what I am about to write in terms of satisfaction, warmth and almost a tease of Christmas ahead. Cant see anywhere you can improve on layout. Im lucky enough to know you and your layout, background images etc is all “You”. Look forward to browsing all of your pieces. Happy Sunday all. I do believe in a yellow rose that makes every sunday special and stress free with her inspiration to begin the day by visiting god. Oh how I love my yellow rose.

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