Santiago de Compostela

A poem for Kate.

amazing kate

The Cathedral was in view the magnifique was all present at once
Tears Tears more Tears salty Tears warm tears.
Welcome tears melting hearts
Joy pride sore feet with blisters
Sun kissed smiles abound
Opened hearts
I cried for you there Kate
I longed for you there Kate
To share the joy
Not knowing then
One day
You Would.


2 thoughts on “Bon Camino

  1. Wow! I feel deprived of a day of not knowing of this wonderful piece! I have never read such a short amount of lines that have such innocence and beauty entangled in to a heart full of love for one of the mini’s. Look at the caption of the child’s delight in her eyes. If it were a painting what would we say? It tells us a story, its full of truth and information. Now back to the writing, its these lines that stood out to me “Welcome tears melting hearts, Joy pride sore feet with blisters” It is sometimes hard for those without blisters that are visible to show their inner pain of taking things on to each shoulder and carrying others pain or emotions.

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    • Thank you for this comment , the Camino was some special place and hopefully Kate will now be able to do it herself sometime , looking back to sitting on the steps of that great cathedral and yes nursing my own blisters ,but with such joy and love for the journey I had just completed ,of course at that time not sure how Kate would cope with her EB I was full of emotion just thinking she may not have been able to take this on someday and now wow so so grateful knowing it is well within her capabilities just wanted to write a few words on it . You are very kind with your words of encouragement about my writing thank you and hopefully with practice my writing will become more improved over time . Thanks again for your lovely comments looking forward to reading more of your own blog , I always enjoy your posts so much .

      Kind Regards



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