In my cupboard where I keep glasses and sometimes an important letter that needs a reply like the car tax renewal there sits a glass a egg cup.

It’s nearly as old as me because I bought it at a school fair many years ago and presented it to my mom.

When mom died it was the only thing I wanted to have from her house and my dear Dad was happy for me to have the egg cup.

I have plenty of memories and millions of photos of Mom , but this egg cup was something special to me. When I was a small 5 year old child I had bought it for my mom with love and unquestioning belief that I had found the most amazing present for my lovely mom.It is made from cut glass and quite chunky , it really is too nice to use for an ordinary person , I must have thought and to me my mom wasn’t ordinary, none of our moms are ordinary are they at 5 years old? they are the most important people in your life and you love them with a fierce passion. So I had found the perfect gift for this lovely person in my life an egg cup fit for a princess and mom was the princess so I was thrilled to have found something so special for her.

egg cup

I am sure that as she accepted my gift back then she herself must have been filled with love for me her 5 year old daughter and that is why it is the most loveliest gift she received from me. There were lots and lots of other more elaborate gifts that I gave her over the years but that egg cup was still in her cabinet when she died at the age of 91 years old. Imagine if that egg cup could talk , what would it have to say?


3 thoughts on “The Glass Egg Cup.

  1. I cross-stitched a marker for my grandma to use in her Bible, at her passing my mama claimed it, the other gifts I had giving my grandma, she gave me back. That marker will most likely go to my daughter next, seems the love I made in making it, I can not have back, it to be shared by other’s. You story and my memories have me crying, and I know that egg cup is a gift of love never to be lost.


    • Thank you for your thoughtful reply , I was just doing some photo albums up of my mom and thought I would have a look at my blog , your comment just made feel so happy like a sign that my mom is still working her magic , love is all that matters really it lives on long after we leave this world it never leaves does it the love you have for your grandma and me for my mom and their love for us that is still here with us and always will be even when we leave thanks again for your kind comment.Sending you lots of good wishes in your life.
      Kind Regards Kathy.


      • Sometimes we need a few kind words to assure us that we are not forgotten, that we manner to God or others, and many times that reassurance comes in the form of a stranger doing some deed that has no bearing on our wishes, other then the kindness itself sparks a light of hope in our heart. The real joy to me is that you take a ray of sunshine and accept its many gifts, believing in signs is the key to being blessed.

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