Can a Beautiful  picture sow the seeds of a beautiful dream.

A photograph of the painting 'Cassis ' done by Roderick O'Conor 1860-1940

A photograph of the painting ‘Cassis ‘ done by Roderick O’Conor 1860-1940

Because I had made a commitment to do a longer post on Wednesdays , do you think I could get going ?  no procrastination ruled my day today. I so wanted to create a masterpiece something that would say to the world ‘ this girl knows how to write,her use of words are magic, she describes  things so incredibly well and her blog is so amazing  really something that I will return to .

My thought were …. how come I could put together an academic essay and receive great results and now when I look at my efforts I blush and think ‘what on earth am I doing, surely a diary would be more in my line now. But no I will not let the little demons in my head stop my progress, my blog is all about growing happiness and I tell myself in order to grow I must nurture and care for the process  of growth.

When I plant some flower seeds they don’t sprout up overnight now do they , indeed not they need tending to everyday and if tended to they will in the end show great results. Dreams and goals need tending to also  and sometimes as we walk towards our dreams  lots of magic things happen on that road I know because it happened to me; as my  dream  called out to me and  I stepped onto the road  towards it, magic did indeed unfold.

A few years back I took a class to learn  French for business , I love the language, actually I love all things French.So to be able to study anything French was a good thing for me especially as the teacher we had was one of the most wonderful people I have ever met  her name was Mary.   One day I was chatting to Mary and I voiced my frustration at not being able to be as fluent as I wished in this beautiful language , we chatted for awhile and then she suddenly threw her arms in the air and said Kathy there is only one way  to really master this and that is too completely immerse yourself in it , live there, shop there , work there , watch television there ,listen to the radio there; this is the only way to achieve the fluency you so desire.

Over the next few weeks those words stood out in my mind and became the focus of my undivided attention. How could I just go and live in France ? what would my husband  say? how on earth could I afford to go to France in the first place ?

 So the next day chatting with Mary I told her my dilemma,  she was having none of it , there must be some seasonal  work you could get  there she replied. I had  thought of that , I had sent letters to various  places in France looking for some holiday relief work thinking it would be a good thing to get paid in order to eat and have some simple accommodation.  I received some lovely replies to  these emails and one that stood out was from an English lady living there who was looking for somebody to help her with her guest house that particular summer. She remarked that my letter was what singled out my application as I had written in French mingled with English ,you see my enthusiasm was so great that  I had felt the need to communicate this in my letter ;so ,as I was not completely fluent in the language, the only way I could get across my yearning to  work and live in France was to tell her that ‘ Il a toujours été mon rêve de travailler en France et tout type de travail serait approprié.’ (always my dream to work in France and all kinds of work would be suitable) followed in English in brackets by ( it would also be great if there was accommodation with the work).  In fact as  we later spoke on the telephone about by arrival times in France  our conversations would usually have been in French and  my usual reply to everything she said was pas de problem (no problem). Until she politely let me know it would be fine to have our conversations in English until the work details were arranged.

Luckily for me she was a very nice lady and helped me a lot when I arrived in France. Her help was indeed needed as arrangements had been altered  since we had last spoke but as  I shall continue with this story  we shall see that the new arrangements for my stay in France were beyond my wildest dreams.

The morning I was leaving to begin my adventure my husband was driving me to the airport and as he chatted about every day matters my mind was drifting to faraway places  where the sun shone  and everything was new. I was so happy to be going on this adventure  ,my earphones around my neck  to listen to my French music and my picture of Cassis at the top of my haversack for quick retrieval . I loved that picture  , it was painted by Roderick O’Conor  an Irish artist who loved France . It was that picture that started the dream actually long before  speaking about immersing myself in the French language I had spotted that picture and loved it then as much as I still do now.   When I found out a little about the artist who was Irish and loved to paint in France it all seemed to say silently to me go to France , find this place in this picture. This post will be continued  Wednesday October 29th 2014.

Added the 29th oct .in editing need to really find out how to add properly .


As the plane started to climb my heart was so full of anticipation; my mind  full of so many different questions , would I be safe? was I mad? would anyone understand me? would I have my own room? who was coming to meet me at the airport? did anyone know it was June the first and also my birthday, would anyone sing happy birthday to me in French? was it hot ? and a million more.

I smiled at the old man sitting next me hoping with all heart he would be a good conversationalist a seasoned traveler to where I was  going; so he could advise me on various things, seconds after my smile I asked the man was he going on holiday and in that one sentence I managed to fit in that I was in fact going to work and hopefully improve my french and a few of the questions mentioned earlier peppered that sentence also , the man was good humored thankfully ……..to be continued this weekend .


6 thoughts on “Wednesday Post Delivered Thursday.

  1. Such a wonderful story! I look forward to reading more.

    I feel somewhat the same way about Italy. I’ve learned enough Italian to get by, but have only had the opportunity to visit Italy 4 times for a total of slightly less than 50 days 🙂

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