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Sometimes we really do not feel motivated to do anything and this for me is always the time to get up and do something anything tidy my desk , make a cake or just put on my make up . This works for me however I have found that if I physically move the motivation increases. Some people who are not physically able to move  may argue that this for them is an impossibility  and may become frustrated at reading my post here; all I can add , is to state  that I am writing about what helps me to motivate myself of course it will be different for everyone and this I appreciate.

Often there have been times in my life that I have felt completely paralyzed and unable to move in any direction wholeheartedly .Looking back at these times what always rescued me was actually doing something and whilst I may not have entered into the action of that doing one hundred percent gradually as the action become completed my motivation returned to compete for that 100 per cent involvement that opened up the door to happiness for me.

As the years go by and I look back on different projects that  I completed I can now say hand on heart that the ones no matter how small and ordinary that I fully immersed myself in are the ones that made me most happy and helped me to create the gravity towards motivation. My summary in short is that  no matter how  unmotivated I have felt in the past when I acknowledged my  lack of motivation and then  disregarded the emotions that kept me inactive by  actually doing  something ; my day improved.   Action  that involved physical involvement worked best for me , a short walk or  a quick clean of my home , a  simple baking of a cake , all these little things helped me unlock the door to my happiness. Also at times I found that reading inspirational literature was a great aid in my journey towards happiness and I am grateful to many authors.


4 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. I find that fear, uncertainty and succumbing to worry are big impediments to my motivation. Making these emotions ride in the back seat frees up my motivation, and moving energizes it! Thank you for the great post 🙂

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  2. Reading this I find myself drifting on to a million examples, a million replies but the main one is “Fair play to ya”. To break free and explain your status and be proud of the positive outcomes at times. I would be useless at advising on this subject as ive never had a bed bound illness but im only 30 years in so I may have in the future. I am thankful to read this as I see now that sometimes life isn’t as easy as it seems to all I suppose its so so impossible for me to see how the negative can outway positives in so many ways. I say this and its probably not well explained. What I mean is, I am a firm belive that one create 10 million times more positives than negatives! Am I right? Have a think???

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    • Thank you for your lovely post Aisling ; I thought about what you are saying here and feel that yes if people try to perhaps on their motivated days develop perhaps some new hobby and make a commitment to that hobby for at least 30 days it would maybe count towards that 10 million figure you write about.

      When we make that commitment it would mean we do it whether in the mood or not.

      .Your comment made me think and I may well add to this post with some information on Positive thought and its advantages.

      Sometimes I do feel it is necessary to embrace a gentle attitude to ourselves and allow ourselves to be kind to ourselves , if a child falls and hurts their knee , we must carefully tend to it and gently pat the child’s head saying it will be so much better tomorrow and the warmth the child feels from the heart of their nurse soothes the child.What do we say to ourselves when we hurt?

      If the child fell every day through no fault of their own we would probably look into this , If the child deliberately fell in order to get our attention probably their need for affection would not have been met and if the child got into the habit of falling that would need some serious habit retraining , just musings here.

      I wonder would a cure for anyone with a habit of not being motivated be to change the habit by developing a new habit for at least 30 days perhaps 90 .I am now going to do some research on how long it takes for a habit to firmly embed itself in our psyche. Thanks again for the comment , Look at what I discovered from thinking .

      Kind Regards Kathy.


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