After reflecting on today’s assignment I have chosen some goals to motivate my growth as a writer. The goals I am about to publish here are  little plans to give my experience  as a blogger some much needed structure in the coming weeks.

I view my life and my blog here as a work in progress. For this reason I am adding a time frame to the goals I am publishing ; that time frame is from now, from this blog until the last Sunday in December ; the date I will review my goals and post on my findings .

First Goal is to Publish  a short post each   evening.

Second Goal is to  publish  longer posts on Wed.Fri.and Sunday.

Third Goal is to read a different blog each day and make a short comment.

I hope to incorporate into these goals such things as a weekly feature and also to make a longer comment on one of my fellow bloggers posts once a week.


The plans and goals I  mentioned  above will I hope help me to  uncover  the writer within me. As  I set goals for myself a yearning for structure replaces my lazy approach to writing at times , for instance the laptop on lap in bed when I should be sleeping , coffee cups lining the locker to my left   when perhaps chamomile tea would be more appropriate at this time of night . Changing the picture now to morning light coming through the kitchen windows as I sit at my desk and plan my writing day , look at the day’s assignment and make some quick notes in my notepad to look at during my working day, now with my day planned and my article for Wed jotted into my notebook  I can relax with that coffee as I read with interest one of my fellow bloggers blog and jot down in my notebook any thoughts I may have had on what I have just read . Mmmmm cannot wait for the morning   and its joys.


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