My  idea of beauty is the world; of being beautiful in that world to me is  living a completely holistic lifestyle , being self sufficient , growing my own food , respecting mother earth, all her inhabitants  and all those lovely things that are not only our natural right but are attainable to me.  Like many others I actually do not live a completely holistic life , I do try , but I smoke and sometimes I eat meat and I only grow a very minute amount of food for the table . I do have a dream however and that is to  actually live as holistically as possible this dream of mine  keeps drawing me to all the right places to get help along the road to its fulfillment . The horizon is in sight and it beckons me to keep travelling towards it.

Unfortunately as I am no longer that wild young dreamer of yesterday  there is an urgency to run rather than walk towards my lovely dream. So what is holding me back you might well ask and my answer is I don’t know. Is that true  ? I ask myself ‘of course not’ I must reply. . All the tools are present and  there is collective thought out there to bring great changes about; all  I have to do is join in and add my thoughts to the that  well of goodness.and train my mind into thinking the right thoughts.

I love when I  read about someone who has managed to do this , and do it in a very graceful humble and sacred manner . The reason for my admiration of these people is they give me hope in my heart that it is possible to live that authentic and holistic lifestyle my soul desires.What prompted me to write a little about my dream of becoming this wonderful holistic self was an   article I read from    this website  http://www.collective-evolution.com  ;  The title of the article is;  If thoughts-can-do-this-to-water-imagine-what-they-can-do-to-us.The article and the video relate the story of how collective thinking  changed the molecular structure of water. The aesthetic result after kindness  was applied contrasted  to a severe lack  after evil was  applied  was  perhaps unbelievable  to the  scientist, but we can all relate to how kindness and genuine concern for each other usually manages to have a   reciprocal effect.

blog 2

I came to the conclusion after digesting some of the  ideas in the  article referred to above that in order to join in the collective human thought for making all people of  the world beautiful ;  my definition of beauty here is someone who is caring  to both themselves and everyone else  in a holistic  dignified and graceful manner;  it would be necessary  first to make me beautiful not in a materialistic way but rather in the way I had dreamed about for  myself earlier in this post.

change only you.

Please feel free to comment and offer advise or  hope and maybe mention if you yourself are on a journey towards a more holistic lifestyle  and we can join our thoughts together towards achieving the effect we desire .


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