I am only very new at this blogging  hobby but felt I would like to  post on how wonderful so far blogging has been for me. Today I  did not have too much free time and this evening I decided to read through some blogs  that took my eye and I must say running through all the themes I read about  there was for me a current of goodness and hope running through each one I read. One blogger reminded me of how simple gestures of kindness can change someone’s day and when I read this it got me thinking if that persons day was changed for the good and their mood lifted to gratitude then   every person they encountered that day would also probably benefit from  that goodness and so  the circle would continue.

Another blogger shared their gratitude for the simple pleasure of being in a position to nurture her children and watch their development with   a heart full of gratitude for  being able to do this and also acknowledging that not all mothers would have the luxury of doing this owing to all the different circumstances that  sometimes make simple things like feeding children difficult. By highlighting the joy of  being able to take care of her children and also make her reader aware that this joy  is not always  accessible to some parents because of many different things including poverty sickness  mental health issues etc she managed to relate to us her readers a deep gratitude for simple things in life to be grateful for  that we may at times overlook and in the same breadth she also made us gently  conscious of our responsibility to others.

So yes for me blogging and reading others posts has opened a whole new world to me and so far I have not only been able to enjoy writing my own posts but I have been nourished and uplifted by posts from others and for this I am grateful.


One thought on “Blogging is good for you.

  1. Excellent to see one enjoying this hobby I am also new to this. Its is a great way to reflect, analyse and speak from your own heart and mind with ease. I could only ever blog when in a quiet place, and quiet places are not my thing, being raised in a family of 7. I prefer noise and activity going on around me however when blogging I must have quietness. I will listen to my music as I write but that’s about it.

    My song for today is “Everyday is like Sunday” it has fantastic music and lyrics by a cancer struck star known as “Morrissey” he is a true artist. Fantastic. Makes me love living where I do in a suburban jewel to Manchester.

    Off on a rant again and me only leaving a comment haha!

    Excellent post again Kathy. It is sometimes worth reading others work and listening to others to get an understanding.

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