Books I have read and Lived.

Notice I include lived , not because each book I am going to include here  is  my actual story but because each book I shall  talk about I  actually stepped into  the author’s boots and became so engrossed that my surroundings would change in my mind to what was described in the book.

I remember reading Crime and Punishment by  Fyodor Dostoyevsky    in November   an apt month for the book I think ,my surroundings were  delightful, tall trees   and plenty of open green spaces  for me to  amble in . As I hurried from one place to the other wearing my long black coat; yes I did own a long black coat  then, and  I had  clutched under my arm my book.  I was totally immersed  in this drama , this tale of despair  of horror  and hope and would gladly sit down now and…

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