My plans for today suddenly changed direction at about 10 am this morning instead of a long train journey to Dublin to collect some work related stuff; surprises and delights began to unfold that would not only delight the senses but also gently massage my sore heart and nourish my hungry soul.

You see my lovely mom died on the 13th of last month she was 90 years old and often referred to as a little angel as she herself referred to everyone who tended her.  Yes I am sad a little and yes I ache a little but I also had a wonderful life that I had shared with her and part of me ached for that sharing. Today was different as we started on our return home because the plan of the train journey had changed my husband who was driving just happened to take a different road home  this was not a problem as we both knew that eventually we would find ourselves once again back on the right road .As we drove along I remarked on the nice scenery and noticed that the road was becoming steep and the trees were now quite dense on either side but every now and again openings in the trees allowed one to glimpse the scenery we had passed and then a lake became visible , as we were in no great hurry we decided to stop the car and take a stroll and oh how peaceful it was  , I could gladly have stayed there for hours just drinking in the stillness and letting it seep into every pore so peaceful . We got back into the car and saw a sign for a holy well; being curious we both decided to go have a look. We parked the car and entered into what for me seemed like some fairy homeland the little stream played  the music my heart so wanted to hear the tall trees the plants, flowers , wild roses and gentle raindrops all nourished my soul. Lots of little shrines adorned the beautiful place allowing one to take a candle and light it leaving it there for a little while to burn. I felt so close to my mom here, I don’t know why or indeed if she had ever visited it herself but I know she would be happy for me to have had this lovely experience, I know I felt very very close to her there .I have found joy and peace in today and I am so very grateful for this.

Tobernalt Sligol

secret joy


4 thoughts on “Surprised Joy Today

  1. What a wonderful way to describe your peace yesterday. Peace and joy combined and better again in a wonderful scene of natural beauty. That’s how I described my late grandmother “natural beauty” inside and out and so when I find myself near trees/birds/flowing water in a stream I think of her and feel incredibly at peace. Thank you for allowing me to read this art. Long may it continue.

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