Our priest told us a lovely story at mass this am went something like this .There was once an old man who lived alone in a village , he was nice sort of man pleasant and good nature d he didn’t go to community events or the local Sunday mass but this was of no bother to the priest when he called to visit him he just wanted to visit with the old man and have the chat about every day stuff , the old man beckoned to the priest to come sit by his lovely glowing fire and they chatted about the weather and the politics of the day then the old man said to the priest Father I don’t go to Sunday mass you know at this the priest replied well that is not the purpose of my visit as I just called to see how you were getting along; at this the old man arose and started to take cups and saucers from the press to have some tea with his visitor as the old man busied himself with the tea the priest lifted a bright coal with a good strong flame and placed it away from the main fire where it continued to glow brightly as they both sat down to have the tea and continue with their chat ,the old man told the priest that he said a rosary daily and prayed a lot on his own and did not see the need to go to the village church to keep his relationship with God at this the priest replied of course you have a wonderful relationship with God and you are living a lovely life here and I am very happy for you they continued to chat and as the eve grew to a close the coal that had earlier been set aside all aglow had now just died away pale and barely giving any glow whilst the fire roared and the flames got higher and then it was time for the priest to take his leave he thanked his host for the fine welcome and the genuine chat and said good bye. The old man replied I will see you at mass next week Father whilst his gaze went to the fire .



I tell this story to highlight how we need other people in our lives in order to keep the glow alive within us, I myself have often sought solitude thinking to myself that the world would become more real if one could go it alone however when my heart and soul cry out for that human touch I realize that at many moments in our lives we need others to be there for us , to show us that they care ;sometimes it is just a smile sometimes a hug and sometimes a pat on the shoulder that can soothe our aching hearts therefore I do think it is important to have people around us in our community in our lives as they sustain us the story I told here touched something within me that awoke that need ; it is not about any particular church or indeed any community the story i told here is for me about how we grow in the midst of others we are nourished by others and our existence means something as we add it to the bigger picture.


2 thoughts on “The value of community.

  1. It’s spot on. Community is amazing in all walks of life it can be the best friend of many. Everyone has time for community. That story was beautiful. Makes so much sense. Our priest talked a lot about the vineyards today and how if you remove all the boundaries and weeds from around it the grapes wont be so sour. It’s easy to let weeds grow and walls build but it’s harder to pull them up and knock it down. Everything can be beautiful. It’s what we do that makes a difference and when you team up like for example community things get brighter quicker xx hope that makes sense

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